We understand that the nature of our operations has a variety of implications for the environment – through our emissions, wastes generated in mining, refining and smelting processes, water consumption and changes in land use. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint from the start of our operations through to closure and beyond.

Our approach

We manage our environmental footprint and compliance through review and compliance mechanisms at the Group, business and site levels, ultimately guided by the Vedanta Board Sustainability Committee. We comply with globally recognised best practice, mapping our processes against international standards, which are applied to the entire lifecycle of all our operations.

Environmental risk mitigation

To manage our environmental impacts, we have identified key areas where the biggest impact and risks are associated. These are environmental compliance, environmental issues (water, waste, air quality and biodiversity), and climate change –  energy use, carbon management and greenhouse gas emissions

To effectively manage each of these areas, we have a set of environmental policies and management and technical standards. We also continue to augment our processes through the ongoing development of guidance notes and the implementation of an extensive training programme. The steps we have taken this year and details of our performance are available in our Sustainability Development report.

Our varied business activities require a tailored response to their environmental impacts which we have outlined in the table below:

See our Sustainable Development report for our environmental performance information on material aspects like Air, Water, Energy, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Waste Management .