Responsible Stewardship

Responsible stewardship is the way we manage our business in a sustainable manner and is the measurement of our performance against both our own targets and international benchmarks, in line with our Sustainability Framework.

It is critical to defining how we operate, covering all aspects outlined in our Code of Conduct – including ethical behaviour and whistleblowing – and our approach to risk management. It also encompasses our health, safety and environmental management – including the way we manage water and energy use, waste, our carbon footprint and our approach to biodiversity management. 

We have laid out our Sustainable Development Framework, consisting of a suite of sustainability policies, technical and management standards and guidance notes (all aligned to international standards and guidelines such as the IFC, ICMM and OECD). We use our Vedanta Sustainability Assurance Programme (VSAP) to ensure framework compliance and the identification of any gaps in onsite practices or processes. The results of this year’s activities under the program are available in our Sustainable Development report.