India Disclosure Index 2016

Vedanta Limited has been ranked as India’s leading publicly listed company in the India Disclosure Index 2016 report by FTI Consulting. 

Vedanta achieved full scores on all parameters that were studied across the Mandatory Disclosure, Voluntary Disclosure and Composite Disclosure categories, making it the leader of India’s top 200 companies. We are the only company in the natural resources sector to achieve the highest possible score across all parameters. It stand among 8 leading BSE 100 companies that attained the maximum composite disclosure score of 10. 


The results are testament to Vedanta’s commitment to transparency and adherence to global best practice in corporate governance. Mr. Tom Albanese, CEO, Vedanta, commented: “Vedanta’s leading position in the India Disclosure Index report reflects our commitment to the highest standards of disclosure and corporate governance. At Vedanta, we follow compliance standards that are on par with our global peers. We are committed to leading the way in corporate governance, and our policy is one of transparency and continuous improvement of our disclosure practices.”

Since the 2015 India Disclosure Index report, Vedanta has significantly improved its ranking, scoring 10/10 in Composite Disclosure, compared to 7.5/10 last year. Vedanta’s commitment as a transparent and responsible corporate citizen, reflects on the company’s emphasis on principles of community dialogue and mutual respect. The approach to disclosure processes goes beyond mandatory legal requirements and includes reporting across a wide range of areas, including sustainable development, safety, employee diversity and inclusion, talent development and senior management succession planning.

About the India Disclosure Index 2016:

The India Disclosure Index 2016 is the second in the India Disclosure Index series produced by FTI Consulting. The report reviewed mandatory and voluntary disclosures, on basis of presence or absence of information disclosure parameters available publicly, either on the company's website or Annual Report, of the top 200 companies by market capitalisation listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE 200 Index constituents). It concluded that Indian-listed corporations have significantly improved their disclosure policies and made the necessary steps to align with new regulations related to provisions in the Companies Act 2013.


The full methodology and ranking of the BSE100 and BSE200 companies by their weighted disclosure scores (split by Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosure scores) can be found here.