Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communication pillar interlocks with the other three pillars of our model, and is the guiding principle which enables the organisation to engage with our stakeholders in a transparent dialogue. This pillar is the vital element of sustainable development, in implementing and strengthening our 'license to operate' efforts.  This pillar further reflects our commitment to becoming a more transparent and responsible corporate citizen. This also reflects our emphasises on our principles of community dialogue and mutual respect, including free, prior informed consent to access natural resources.

We reports against our pillar of sustainable development and uses external benchmarks and metrics to demonstrate the programmes and processes in place to help manage the risks and opportunities within each pillar. We continue on our path to transparent and accurate communication and seek to evolve our approach to reporting to meet the needs of our primary stakeholders.

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Please find our latest reports detailed below and an archive of previous reports via the tabs on the right. 

Sustainable Development Report 2016-17

Image of printed sustainable development report 2013-14

We are pleased to deliver our ninth Sustainable Development Report which coincides with the publication of our Annual Report. Combined these two documents provide an overview of our approach and our achievements in FY 2016-17, outlining our actions over the past year to achieve our mission to be a world-class diversified natural resource company.

The aspect boundaries and content of this Sustainable Development Report have been defined using reporting principles prescribed in the GRI G4 guidelines and is prepared ‘in accordance’ – Core criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines.

We have considered the highest priority issues for both our stakeholders and us as a scope for this year’s reporting. The FY 2016-17 material aspects, the Disclosure on Management Approach (DMA's) and the details of performance indicators is available through our report and GRI G4 Disclosure Document FY 2016-17. 

View SD Report 2016-17 online

Download SD Report 2016-17 (pdf)

Download GRI G4 Disclosure Document FY 2016-17 (pdf)

Annual Report and Accounts FY17

We choose to align our SD reporting process with our Annual Report to maximise efficiencies and offer our stakeholders a portfolio of reports, providing information at the same time on our financial and non-financial issues. Our Annual Report provides you with detail about our commercial strategy, as well as the more granular information regarding our corporate governance, including remuneration, audit and risk committees. While we provide an overview of the content in the SD summary, we urge our investors to also read the SD report to get a full understanding of our non-financial risks and opportunities.

Group Tax Strategy

Our tax strategy is aligned to our overall business strategy of Growth, Long Term Value and Sustainability and the Vedanta Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. We have a firm belief in creating long-term sustainable value for our multiple stakeholders including shareholders, governments and the communities in which we operate. This forms our focus on transparency, reputation, ethics, trust and building long-term relationships.

Tax Transparency Report FY17

This is our voluntary tax transparency report that shows the contributions we make to the public finances in the countries in which we operate to provide insights into the contributions made by us to public finances.