Human Rights

Protecting and respecting human dignity is central to our everyday business operations. This applies in our role as an employer, as a responsible corporate citizen working within communities and as a global company with numerous suppliers. 

Our approach                          

We follow the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and our Human Rights Policy commits us to the principles of sustainable development including protecting human life, health and environment, promoting social well-being and adding value to the communities in which we operate. We specifically prohibit the use of child or forced labour in all our operations.

We ensure that the safeguarding of our personnel and property is carried out consistently with relevant human rights principles and in a manner that avoids or minimizes risks to affected communities.

We also respect the rights of indigenous peoples and vulnerable tribal groups, and we are deeply aware that we must obtain their consent for our operations.


Human rights incorporates socio-political and economic issues that have implications for the responsibilities of our business – as an employer, as a global company with numerous suppliers and as a responsible corporate citizen working within communities. Over the past year, we have strengthened our approach, with our Sustainability Committee conducting reviews to deepen our understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with human rights management.

Our management regularly visits our sites to ensure our operations are complying with our human rights obligations, and we undertake internal and external audits for added robustness.

We oblige our contractors and suppliers to support our approach, and our contract terms and conditions insist on compliance with respect to regulations on minimum wages, contract labour, worker compensation and other similar requirements in the countries in which we operate.

More details on our approach to Human Rights are available in our Sustainable Development report, our Human Rights and our Supplier and Contractor Sustainability Management policies.