Stakeholder Management and Engagement

An important part of our Sustainability Framework is our Social Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Technical Standards. These standards require each of our operations to identify stakeholders and determine engagement plans, including recording and responding to all enquiries and grievances.

The Framework equips our business units with a consistent approach to conduct their own stakeholder identification and engagement programme. In addition, our subsidiary businesses identify individuals and groups who may be affected by our operations due to their disadvantaged or otherwise vulnerable status. Ways stakeholders may be affected and the extent of both actual and perceived impacts are identified and recorded against each group. With this information, our operations can then determine, in conjunction with the stakeholders themselves, the appropriate level of communication and consultation. From this, Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEPs) are developed and continuously updated as circumstances develop on-site.

We are committed to effectively responding to stakeholder feedback. Every effort is made by the business to ensure that multiple channels are used to maintain contact, for example, a dedicated email address – – is available and is displayed in the Contacts section of our website, and this is complemented by an online feedback form in the Sustainable Development report.

More details of our stakeholder engagement and our activities this year are available in our Sustainable Development report.