Sustainability Management

We have a clear structure for managing and implementing our Sustainable Development Framework from the Sustainabiltiy Committee to our subsidiary businesses.

Sustainability is driven through all levels of the Group, from Board endorsement at committee level (including the Sustainability Committee) to operational review and target setting through at our Segment Business Committees and as part of the regular training and instruction conducted on site at our subsidiary businesses' operations.  

We have clear lines of responsibility to ensure that business performance – including meeting our sustainability goals is vigorously reviewed, with mechanisms in place to promote shared learning across the Group, facilitating performance improvements.

Group Sustainable Development policies and guidance documentation are available to all employees through the corporate website, on individual company portals and through awareness training sessions.

Corporate Governance Structure

Sustainability committee (Group Level)

The Vedanta Board is responsible for all aspects of sustainability across the Group and acts through the Sustainability Committee. The Committee is chaired by the Senior Independent Director, Mr Euan MacDonald, and comprises Mr Tom Albanese, CEO Vedanta, and Mr Kishore Kumar, CEO Iron Ore Business. All subsidiary company CEO's have a permanent invitation to attend and participate in the meetings.

Ms. Roma Balwani (President- Group Sustainability, CSR and Communications) acts as a secretary for the committee. The Committee oversees and reviews sustainability performance and the Committee Chairman regularly updates the Board on its progress.

The Sustainability Committee’s mandate includes:

  • Outlining initiatives required to institutionalise a sustainability culture through involvement of employees at all levels of the business.
  • Reviewing, and reporting to the Board, the performance of the Group and its subsidiary businesses with respect to the implementation of the Sustainability Framework, and the effective assessment and management of sustainability and reputational risks.
  • Reviewing targets for sustainability performance and reporting to the Board with respect to their appropriateness, and assessing progress towards achieving those targets.
  • Approving the Vedanta Sustainable Development Report.

Details of the issues considered by the Committee are available in both our Annual Report and Sustainable Development Reports.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the Board and oversees the implementation of the Group strategic initiatives set by the Board. The Committee is chaired by the CEO (Vedanta). and comprises senior management including Group CFO, Business CEOs and CFO etc. Apart from the business goals and performance, the Committee reviews the sustainability practices including the safety, environment and community relations aspects on a periodic basis.

The Committee also reviews the VSAP findings and each company performance on the VSAP assurance process.

Segment Business Committees

Each of the subsidiary businesses has developed its own corporate mechanisms, such as health and safety, and social committees to deliver on its targets and to drive sustainability across its operations. Performance indicators were developed in accordance with the risks associated with each business' operations, and guidance documents are provided by the Group to aid business implementation plans.

All on-site operations have a designated health and safety committee, which is comprised of management, HSE personnel and union representatives, where appropriate, covering the full workforce at the site.