We are committed to providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. In addition, by creating a culture which both engages and empowers, we enable them to realise their full potential while also meeting our business goals. 

Vedanta key stakeholders diagram with Employees highlighted

Our approach

Our Human Resources (HR) function provides a governance framework and promotes synergies across the Group through collaboration and the sharing of best practices. Our Group HR philosophy encompasses an inclusive approach that guides us in achieving our aim to be an industry-leading employer and applies across all our businesses:

  • Ensuring a philosophy of meritocracy;
  • Commitment to ensuring that all our workplaces are free from all forms of discrimination or any kind of harassment;
  • Complying with all applicable laws of the area where our operations exist;
  • Meeting all our responsibilities and HR obligations, as both a direct and indirect employer, and ensuring human rights are not violated;
  • Having effective internal systems and processes in place for talent management and engagement;
  • Creating a high performance culture – recognising and rewarding in a fair and equitable manner;
  • Striving to drive and achieve industry best practices in our social stewardship;
  • Ensuring smooth integration in terms of mergers and acquisitions, upholding and honouring all ongoing commitments and sharing best practices – with the aim of achieving internal alignment of processes and systems; and
  • Engaging with employees to encourage feedback and address concerns.

Our HR priorities

Our HR priorities have been selected to provide a consistent set of key people management priorities across all our subsidiary businesses. They ensure we have the right personnel in place to meet our business objectives as well as a talent pipeline for the future. In our Sustainable Development report, we report on our performance against these priorities, which are:

Organisational growth – both people-related and for economic performance

Our approach is focused on ensuring that we have the right person in the right role, along with clear succession planning, with a focus on critical positions. This is important in our industry where securing high-potential talent is a challenge because of high growth and competition for skilled personnel across the industry.

We also focus on effectively utilising and grooming the talent by appropriately rotating them across businesses for experience in new roles and to prepare them to take up various key positions in the future.

Performance management

All employees participate in a reward-linked annual appraisal programme where performance is gauged against key performance indicators set during the goal setting process at the beginning of the year and is measured against a pre-determined five-point scale. Feedback and the identification of areas of improvement for further development are an integral part of this appraisal process.

Talent development and management

Owing to the high proportion of our workforce who join Vedanta as new graduates, managing career progression and development is very important to the business, particularly to ensure talent retention. To manage a new recruit’s transition from ‘Campus to Corporate’, we have a structured orientation programme. For more established employees we have various additional programmes to enhance their engagement.

We also have programmes to assist employees in a smooth transition from work to retirement. These programmes include computer literacy, wealth management, tradesman skill-building, certificates and other diploma courses, retirement workshops and employee assistance programmes.

Employee engagement (welfare and working environment)

We provide a rewarding work environment, with a spirit of common purpose. Across our operations, employees participate in a wide variety of activities to create a sense of shared ownership and participation. This ranges from the formal training and work programmes we offer, to broader cultural, sporting, social and leisure activities for employees and their families.

Refer our Sustainable Development Report 2013-14 for detailed activities highlighting how we contribute or add value to our employees.