Adding and Sharing Value

Our operations are predominantly in the developing economies of India and Africa. We believe that we can add and share value in order to facilitate the development of these societies and in the communities where we operate.

We create value through structured and collaborative engagement with our stakeholders, including for our employees, our host communities and broader society. This is done not only through the commodities that we produce but through the economic and social contributions we make across our global operations, particularly in the developing world.

Working with our stakeholders provides us with valuable insights that make a significant contribution towards strengthening our business. For example, our communities and host governments allow us to access finite resources, our shareholders and lenders enable us to access capital to grow the business, our employees help us in managing resources in a sustainable way, industry partners supply the thousands of products and services we need to operate our business and civil society representatives partner with us to deliver community programmes to millions of community members.

Diagram of Vedanta's key stakeholders

Our contribution and value generation for our stakeholders 

For more details on both  financial and non financial value generation, please visit our Sustainable Development Report 2016-17