Sustainable Development

Our journey of sustainability

During the ten years since our IPO, we have been on a journey to deliver sustainable and responsible growth, which creates value for all our stakeholders.


In this section, you can read more about how, as a natural resource company we incorporate sustainability into all our business decisions and processes. This includes the role our Board and its committees play in overseeing all aspects of sustainability and our business processes to ensure this is delivered; the way in which we work with our stakeholders to deepen our understanding of their interests and to identify material issues; and the ways we create and share value for all our stakeholders.

Strategic pillars – Sustainability

Our business strategy is about ensuring that growth is maximised in a way that is both sustainable and responsive. The three core pillars - Responsible stewardship, Building Strong Relationships and Adding & Sharing Values are designed to support the long term development and providing superior returns to all our stakeholders.

Responsible Stewardship

See the specific management systems we have in place to manage our operations and to minimise risks

Building Strong Relationships

Learn how we establish and maintain close responsive links with our stakeholders on our sustainability journey

Adding and Sharing Value

Discover how we are creating and delivering value in collaboration with our stakeholders

Strategic Communications

See how we are maintaining the disclosures towards international benchmarks.